Chasing Memories

Tales of Intrigue: Chasing Memories

Imagine waking up from a particularly nasty dream. One so horrid that it attracts the attentions of a nearby man. This man happens to be a doctor. He nervously cautions about a plague that causes people to fall into comas. From here you start your quest. Throughout, you explore a wide variety of locations, from an outdoor hospice to the subconscious of a Shaman who's been dead for over 700 years!

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I started this mod after graduating from a technical arts school. My graduation coincided with the closure of several major studios, leading to a market flooded with experienced designers. Knowing that junior design positions were not going be available to me, I decided to start a post graduation project to apply what I learned from school This project required me take on a variety of tasks, from generating art asserts to programming item functionality. One of the most rewarding experiences was directing voice actors and designing the crafting systems.

It also taught me an interesting lesson in authorial intent. Upon release, my mod was reviewed on YouTube. In the mod, an elderly nurse guides the player along their quest. Unfortunately, the reviewer of my mod was recording footage of my quest with external mods which increased the breast size of all women to unnatural proportions. This was accompanied by a mod which replaced the default clothing I was using with a set that's far more sexually explicit. There is no way that a viewer of this video would be able to distinguish my intent, due to the mods placed on top of my work. This was an interesting lesson in accepting that my intent truly doesn't matter.


A Mod by:

Maurice Grela

Voice Actors:

Jessica Tam, Jacob Burgess, Cimreau


Radiohead, Eduard Artemyev

Audio Engineering:

Aiden Venturi


Miguel Gamboa


Ryan Hammar

Special thanks to:

Kalen Tessman