NO HOLDS BILLIARDS is a new spin on a classic parlor game. It answers the question "What happens when you remove the turn taking from pool?" By allowing players to shoot at will, the flow of the game has changed to become a visceral fight to find opportunities and sabotage your opponent's plans. From the first scratch, to the sinking of that sweet eight ball, NO HOLDS BILLIARDS is an accessible yet competitive experience, perfect for a night in or a fine addition to a local gaming event. The game comes loaded with quirky power ups, replayability, and enough neon to make Las Vegas blush. So quit reading this and give NO HOLDS BILLIARDS A SCRATCH. The classic rules of 8-ball still apply.


This game started as a game jam with a friend who got me a job. He wanted to transition into independent game development, and so we decided to spend six months making a small local competitive billiards game. We were both interested by the emergent gameplay of billiards and we asked ourselves a question. How would this game play if both players can shoot their balls at the same time? The result was a game which iterated on the emergent properties inherent to billiards through a single rule change. We followed up by creating a collection of game modes inspired by Super Smash Brothers and a collection of billiard games.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from this game was how to create content for social media. Because our game had such a strong emergent core, each round was entirely unique. With this in mind, we recorded our playtesting sessions in order to collect highlights of the interesting consequences of our rules. This resulted in a steady stream of content for social media which we posted on Twitter to create awareness of our game.

The project was ultimately released on Steam's Green Light. It did not gain much traction. But we weren't too disappointed. It wasn't really intended as a game to be marketed; it was designed as a project which would be completed and released.

Shown at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Shown at Vancouver's Full Indie


Programmed and Designed by:

Maurice Grela and Kevan Yip

Technical Art by:

Maurice Grela

Sound Design:

Em Halberstadt


Mitchelle Skarupa

Music by:

Mark Sparling