Smurfs' Village

Smurfs Village & Smurfs Village: Magical Meadow

Both the Smurfs Village games are free social games for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android-compatible tablets. In these games, players help Smurfs (and Swoofs on the Planet Swoof) rebuild their home after Gargamel discovers it and scatters the Smurfs throughout the forest. The game has a similar user experience to Farmville.

Available on the App Store and Google Play


This was my first job in the mobile social game industry. I was hired on as a quality assurance tester. The experience provided me with a valuable insight into the reality of how games games are produced within a studio larger than five people. Although my role was officially quality assurance tester, I would spend my lunch breaks designing content for the game. One of my designs eventually made it into the game. Players are able to purchase smurf houses, which unlock cosmetic items their Smurfs can interact with. I designed a house which gave players the opportunity to purchase bikes for their Smurfs, which they could ride around their village.

Biker Smurf's House

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