Welcome to the United Nations Naval Services

Welcome to the finest space fleet in the known universe. UNNSC is a turn-based strategy game where you and a friend play as air traffic control officers aboard a military space ship. You issue commands to patrol group, then watch your decisions play out in real time.

Available on Steam Workshop


This game was my first proper attempt at making a stand-alone indie game. One of the genres I didn't get to explore during my time at school was tactical/strategic games. During that time, I was inspired by Flotilla and Battlefleet Gothic so I used that energy to create a small local multiplayer strategy game. During its development, I lived in Toronto and brought the game out to a variety of events put on by the Hand Eye Society. Thanks to the community's playtesting, I was able to complete the project in under 4 months. The project was ultimately released on Steam's Game Maker Workshop. It did not gain much traction. It wasn't really intended as a game to be marketed; it was designed as a project which would be completed and released.


Programmed and Designed by:

Maurice Grela

Planets and Star Maps drawn by:

Ryan Hammar

Audio Engineering by:

Fujiaki Mooney

Music by:

Antoine Ladouceur

Aiden Venturi

Fujiaki Mooney

Wendy Yung


Jeffrey Tran

Special Thanks to:

Jason Lee Elliott