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While working on Crossfire: Legion, I was responsible for revisions across the majority of levels included within the game.

Day-to-day responsibilities also covered: 

  • Resolving Lua-related scripting issues 
  • Revisions to timing and execution of scripted events
  • Reconstruction of levels to improve quality of their design 


Essence statement 

Labyrinth is a large, slower-paced map that is designed to be played in a 3 vs 3 configuration. Since players have access to one easily defendable position, it promotes the defensive base building and the creation of turrets.

Design Pillars

  • Player flow directs users through the center of the map, where an optional third mega HQ is located. 
  • Air units have a large advantage over ground units in this level by being able to fly over many out-of-bounds locations in the centre of the map. 
  • This further incentivizes players to fortify their base in this urban theme battleground. 


Essence statement 

Players fight for supremacy over a port facility divided by a canal.  Shipping containers define sky paths, while a deep canal divides the map in two. 

Design Pillars

  • Create a level design inline with conventional Starcraft level design
  • Bifurcate the map using a canal featured in Mission 8
  • Restrict movement and funnel units into three routes 
  • Create pockets that can be used to set up ambushes

You can view the project here