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While working on Crossfire: Legion, I was responsible for revisions across the majority of levels included within the game.

Day-to-day responsibilities also covered: 

  • Resolving Lua-related scripting issues 
  • Revisions to timing and execution of scripted events
  • Reconstruction of levels to improve quality of their design 


Essence statement 

Labyrinth is a large, slower-paced map that is designed to be played in a 3 vs 3 configuration. Since players have access to one easily defendable position, it promotes the defensive base building and the creation of turrets.

Design Pillars

  • Player flow directs users through the center of the map, where an optional third mega HQ is located. 
  • Air units have a large advantage over ground units in this level by being able to fly over many out-of-bounds locations in the centre of the map. 
  • This further incentivizes players to fortify their base in this urban theme battleground. 


Essence statement 

Players fight for supremacy over a port facility divided by a canal.  Shipping containers define sky paths, while a deep canal divides the map in two. 

Design Pillars

  • Create a level design inline with conventional Starcraft level design
  • Bifurcate the map using a canal featured in Mission 8
  • Restrict movement and funnel units into three routes 
  • Create pockets that can be used to set up ambushes

You can view the project here


Essence statement 

Peridot is a four player map set in the boreal forests of North America. players fight over control of three central lanes that lead back to starting core base located in defensible hill tops

Design Pillars

  • Create passage through the center of the map that has enough passages through it to ensure that one players can only cover 2/3 approaches.
  • Set this level in arboreal forest dominated by rocks and pines
  • Provide a strategic incentive in the center of the map for players to fight over
  • Place starting locations on the highest points of the map to create the experience of dislodging an entrenched enemy.

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