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Accessibility features


I designed two categories of accessibility features, Hearing Aids and Visual Aids. Players can access them in the main menu under Accessibility.

Accessibility menu design mockup

Visual Aids

HUD Colorblind Modes

  1. Changes the color palette of HUD accents.
  2. Options: Colorblind, Default

The important HUD elements in red/green/blue can change color for colorblind players.

There are three kinds of important HUD elements in red/green/blue colors in the game now. Their colors need to be changed in HUD Colorblind Modes feature.

Detailed HUD elements that change color in HUD Colorblind Modes.

Subtitles for Cinematics

  1. Enables subtitles for dialogue
  2. Background options: Off, Default,Light

Surrender functionality

I designed a button in the ESC menu that allows players to submit a surrender. 


Multiple game modes can result in a stalemate. To address this, I designed a button players can use to submit a surrender request. If the request is approved by two thirds of the team, the game is terminated. The winning player would receive the normal amount of XP. Players who capitulate would receive a diminished amount of XP.

Design pillars

  • Provide players with the means to end a game if they feel they won’t win 
  • Provides the players who surrender with a reduced amount of XP after the match
  • 2/3rds of the team need to agree on surrender for the game to end
  • Incorporate functionality in a way that is buried in order not to discourage players


Example of how to initiate a surrender through the ESC menu

Mockup of the functionality in a 1 VS 5 standard game mode

Mockup of the functionality in a 2 VS 2 standard game mode

User Flow

Steam achievements 

I was responsible for designing all the achievements in Crossfire: Legion. You can view them here: Crossfire: Legion Achievements – Steam –

Steam cards

I was responsible for designing all the cards in Crossfire:Legion. You can view them here Showcase : Crossfire: Legion (

Post-game menu revisions

Our publisher requested a number of improvements to the post-game menu. One such addition was more functionality in the post-game menu to help high-level players get deeper analytical insight into how their games went. 

Construction timeline

This allows players to learn from their opponents and improve their ability to quickly and effectively build bases in our game.

Tracked actions

  • Units built
  • Buildings constructed
  • Upgrades complete
  • HQs captured 
  • Interaction with environmental object (eg. radar, medical bay)

Graphs over time

In this section, we provided a graph displaying resources gathered over time. The infographic gives players an insight into how often they and their opponents spend resources.

Unit use highlights 

For this feature, I suggested we keep track of the following statistics:

  • Which unit did the player produce the most of
  • Which unit killed the most amount of enemy units
  • Which unit dealt the most amount of damage

I was inspired by Company of Heroes 2, whose post-game menu provides players with statistics on which units the player used most often, which unit did the most damage, and so on. The unit use highlights in Crossfire: Legion should replace the current personal menu and function similar to the tabs found in Company of Heroes. 

Alternative roster settings

To provide players with additional gameplay options, we provided the host of the lobby with a toggle button that disables all the roster restrictions and allows every unit to be built. 

Lobby mock up

Players have a toggle that allows them to make any unit available to their faction. Technical and material requirements will still need to be met.

While “Disable Unit Limit” is active, unit slots will be grayed out and become unselectable.