Maurice Grela

Richmond, BC | +1 604-353-2608 |


An ambitious game designer Maurice has been working in the games industry for the past six years. With dozens of game jams, two 4 star mods, and having shipped titles focusing on medical research, mini games, and social mobile games Maurice is an adept game designer. He excels at rapid-prototyping, project management, and post-launch support.

Development Experience

Interaction Designer Programmer                         Rival Schools | August '18December '18 | 5 Months

        CSA Adventure Club – Interactive ebook created for the Canadian Space Agency

Game Designer Programmer                            Rival Schools | September '17July '18 | 11 Months

        DIY Daisy – A game about arts and crafts created for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation

Game Designer                           Rosetta Stone | September 2015 – May 2017 | 1.8 Years

        Fit Brains – A library of mini-games created to train emotional and cognitive intelligence

QA Tester                                                           Beeline Interactive | February 2015 – September 2015 | 8 Months

        Smurfs' Village – Mobile social building game

Organizing Experience

President                                                       September '16Present | 2.5 Years

        Full Indie – an organization dedicated to serving the game developers of Vancouver

Additional Work

Quest Designer Programmer                                                August '18 – November '18 | 4 Months

        The Cambridge Peace Planters – A Fallout 4 quest mod released for PC/Xbox One

Software Knowledge and skill

 Programming Languages:   C#, Javascript, Papyrus, HTML5, CSS, Google Sheets/ Excel functions

 Game Engines:    Unity, Game Maker, Bethesda Creation Kit, Phaser

 Soft Skills:   Communication, project management, problem solving, scheduling, leadership   


Art Institute of Vancouver Art Institute of Vancouver

Diploma of Game Art and Design Field Of Study Game Art and Design