Games by Maurice Grela Games by Maurice Grela

This section of my portfolio demonstrates my contributions to projects developed in a studio environment. Each game featured on this page contains a detailed breakdown of the tasks I was assigned, what my process looked like, and what was delivered.

Redstone Interactive

Sept 2020 – March 2021

Beyond The Wire

A tactical shooter set during WWI, Beyond The Wire, is the first game developed by Redstone Interactive. In late 2019, I was offered a position as a level designer and shareholder for the fledgling game studio. I took the opportunity to work on the shooter from vertical slice to full release. This was an accomplishment missing from my portfolio, and I wanted to gain first-hand experience from contributing to a game at every stage of development.

Offworld Industries

April 2019 – Sept 2020


Squad is a large-scale multiplayer shooter comparable in scope to Battlefield. During my time at Offworld, I contributed to technical game design tasks and level design tasks.

Rival Schools

June 2017 – March 2019

DIY Daisy

This project marked the first time I was solely responsible for the programming and functionality of a studio project. I was responsible for creating a browser-based kids’ game that was then ported to Unity for mobile release. 

The Explorers’ Club

I built this interactive kids’ book for the Canadian Space Agency. Using pre-existing code and functionality from an unannounced project, I delivered a functional and compelling interactive book streamed live by Canadian Astronaut David Saint Jacques from the International Space Station.

Rosetta Stone

October 2015 – May 2017

Fit Brains

During my time at Rosetta Stone, my accomplishments span the release of two ports, quality assurance for monthly updates, prototyping, and documentation.