Dead Drop Blues

Dead Drop Blues

Dead Drop blues is a mobile puzzle game about re-creating maps. You take the role of a detective who's called to the township of Midhurst in Ontario, a once prosperous mining town. You investigate the death of a hiker who was carrying an unusual amount of topographic maps. What's strange is that similar maps were discovered throughout the town. Dead Drop Blues investigates the meaning behind these maps, who's using them, and what's happening within this once quaint town. You have all the information you need; it's up to you to put it together.

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Dead Drop Blues was initially created as part of a game jam in Toronto, Canada. The goal of the game jam was to create an autobiographical telling of the creator's past experience with mental trauma. I attended with the hopes of creating an experience which mechanically communicated the challenges present in overcoming PSTD through talking with friends,family, and fellow creatives. The jam resulted in a compelling puzzle, which I then refined through feedback offered by Toronto's diverse game development community. The game was in development for roughly a year and received media coverage.

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Showcased at Bit Bazzar 2015